Contact Lenses

Why Contact Lenses?

There are many potential benefits to contact lens wear such as clearer vision, more convenient and comfortable than glasses, better for sports as well as for therapeutic applications such as preventing eyesight getting worse in children or for keratoconus or in eyes that see poorly post laser treatment (ectasia).

Mr Adamally trained to fit contact lenses in hospital practice and has years of experience fitting complex prescriptions and eyes both in adults and children.

Many people don’t realise that contact lenses would be suitable for them and that even young children can successfully wear lenses. If you are interested please book an appointment to discuss further.

Some of the most common types of lenses we fit are as below.

Daily Disposable

Single use lenses offer a safe and convenient option for many patients. The lenses have improved significantly over the past 10 years to offer many more fitting options and better materials that are safer for eye health and more comfortable to wear. Contact lenses have the advantage of giving better peripheral vision, and especially in children, often improves confidence and can improve self esteem. Lenses that last a month are also available but we only tend to recommend them if a daily version of the lens isn’t available.

Non-surgical overnight contact lens based vision correction (Orthokeratology)

We fit specialist contact lenses that worn over-night, gently reshape the surface layers of the cornea and allow you to see clearly without them on waking. They have been proven to be safe and to reduce the rate at which children’s eyes go more short-sighted (myopia control). They are a great option if you are suffering from dry eyes, an athlete or just looking for freedom from glasses. They are suitable for children from a relatively young age.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

As our eyes get older many of us struggle to see at near. There are an increasing number of contact lenses that will allow you to see clearly at both distance and near. There isn’t one product that will suit every one of us, but by understanding the advantages of the different lenses on the market we can help guide you to the best option for you. We use a mixture of daily disposable and monthly disposable soft contact lenses, custom made soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable options.

Keratoconus / Post LASIK ectasia

In irregularly shaped eyes glasses may not provide the clarity required for clear and comfortable vision. We fit a range of specialist contact lenses including Kerasoft, semi-limbal rigid gas permeable, hybrid and scleral contact lenses to fit complex eyes and prescriptions.